Improve breadth and depth of your children vocabulary knowledge.

LexiconLink is one of Craftercave Kids’ games used in order to enrich cognitive skill (the ability to process information, reason, remember, and relate) and glossary learning for the pre-school age (1-3 years old), as well as three-year-old and above kids.

It helps improve receptive and expressive language skills, enhances vocabulary, and link them both in horizontal and vertical structure. Not only boosting thinking, visual and auditory skill, the game also becomes a tool for building positive interaction with kids.

Sample sets of questions are prepared in three languages –Thai English and Chinese – for parents, care providers, educators, teachers and specialists, which makes Lexicon Link easy to use. This game is, therefore, a practical stimulation for child development, as well as a fun creation.

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Effectively improve receptive and expressive language skills of your children with LexiconLink.

7 Benefits

1. Enhance vocabulary

Vocabulary is a weapon of communication. The more children learn new words the bigger word bank they have. With a bigger word bank, children have more choices of words for communication, therefore, they can communicate better. LexiconLink has many pictures for children to learn hundreds of words.

2. Improve language skill

There are 2 types of language skill, Expressive language, and Receptive language. Children with a good language skill in both types can communicate to other people what they want or don’t want properly. LexiconLink can help parent practice and improve their children’s language skill in both types with an appropriate playing method.

3. Boost a visual skill

Visual skill and observation skill are the basis of learning in everything and also the basis of analytic. LexiconLink can help children boost their visual skill with beautiful pictures to select for their answers.

4. Better an auditory skill

Children with a good auditory skill can understand and learn new thing effectively. They also communicate with others better. LexiLink help children practice their auditory skill by listening to a short example question then try to comprehend.

5. Encourage cognitive skill

Cognitive skill is required for achieving the task or complex problem solving of children. It involves reasoning, thinking, analyzing and decision making. Children with good cognitive skill can solve a complex problem faster. LexiconLink improves children’s cognitive skill by letting them answer open-ended questions together with processing information, giving the reason and describing.

6. Form the vocabulary network

Effectively communication of children required both quantity and quality of vocabulary. Remembering a lot of words represents a good quantity but understanding the linkage network between each word represents a good quality. LexiconLink can help children create and form the vocabulary network because there are a picture of carefully selected words which have more than one relationship between each other.

7. Build positive interaction.

Positive interaction between children and their parent is the key to improve children’s physical and mental health. Playing LexiconLink with your children can create a great opportunity to build positive interaction via talking and sharing your opinions in every question and answer.

Children with good breadth and depth of vocabulary knowledge can learn and communicate more effectively.

2.5 – 5 years old
can be played in a group.
Water-based printing
Best design
Designed and developed by specialist.


How to play
  1. Give the kid a vocab card.
  2. Ask questions provided in a sample set.
  3. Let the kid choose an answer(s) by placing a token and explain a reason (more than one answer are allowed).
  4. Discuss about the answer and share more relevant ideas.
  5. To create more fun and interaction, play in a group of 3-4 persons by following the mention rules.

The first creative cognitive learning material for kids.

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