How fast can you read a music note?

Pernota Game

Pernota Game is a game to test the music note reading skill. It is a free to play game developed by CrafterCave. ฺBelow is a screenshot of the game.

How to play

There are 3 textboxes on the first screen to input player’s information.

Name is for a player’s name.

Age is for a player’s age.

Job is for a player’s job. there are 5 choices.

Music Teacher is for a player who earns a living by teaching a music.

Musician is for a player who earns a living by performing any musical instruments but not a piano.

Pianist is for a player who earns a living by playing the piano.

Music student is for a player who is studying any kind of music and doesn’t earn a living by teaching or performing a music.

Normal People is for a player who doesn’t match any above choice.

When you click a Ready button, the game will move to a ready screen.

There is a Start button on this screen. After it was clicked, the timer started a countdown and buttons of music note name form C to B would appear.


An objective of playing PernotaGame is to answer a name of music note which appears on a stave on Pernota collectedly as fast as possible in 30 seconds. Click on a button that has a right name of a music note on it and a player will get 1 point.


There is a leaderboard in PernotaGame which shows the best 5th player’s score. The score will be recorded only when player has an accuracy equal to or higher than 80% at the end of each round.

Let’s try Pernota Game now.

play now

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