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CrafterCave Kids’ products are carefully designed, created and selected by an expert speech-language pathologist to make sure that all of them can improve language and communication skill of children.

King of Thought

The funniest language card game.

4.5 yrs to 10 yrs up

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Lexicon Link

The first creative cognitive learning material for kids.

2.5 yrs to 5 yrs

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The flash cards that teach more than just a words.

 6 months to 7 yrs

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Lava & Lapis

Active story books

 new born to 4 yrs

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Others fun learning material.


“We help you create smart happy and successful kids with CCK Key Principle”

CrafterCave Kids Story

CrafterCaveKids is a brand that arises from our intention to create a media that help children learn new skills that make them live a proper life for each person in the future. We designed the learning media in the form of games and toys so children can learn the skills effectively along with the fun. One of the skills that we give priority to is communication skill which is an important weapon to keep children growing up and living in society happily. We cooperate with a Speech-Language pathologist to ensure that our toys can help children learning necessary skills as best as possible.

CCK Key Principle

According to our strong knowledge related to language development and communication sciences, we apply a concept named CCK Key Principles to enhance children’s skills. It comprises language literacy which helps kids to acquire good receptive and expressive language for effective commutation and Happy Human Skills that helps our kids to grow up happily.

Language Literacy

It is competence or knowledge in language. Children shouldd know and understand vocabulary in both quality and quantity.
Language literacy is an important fundamental for children to develop receptive language and expressive language. With these skills, children can learn and communicate efficiently

This is the most important skill in our opinion. When children have a good language literacy, they can use it to learn new things more efficiently.

CrafterCAve Kids

Happy Human Skill

These are the necessary skills that we have carefully selected for children to learn. These skills will help children grow up and live happily and successfully on they own.
All eight happy human skills help children improve their thinking, action and mentality

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