Sharpen your thinking and language skill to become the King.

King of thought, card game, in order to level up your language, thinking and memory skills that everyone can play and have fun.

For Children, king of though help them to improve their language development and build the linkage of vocabulary frame.

For Adults, have fun and improve thinking and imagination. Moreover, king of thought can use be a tool for practicing people who have language and thinking problems such as word finding difficulty or brain injury which affect to their language capacity.

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I bought one from the fair. My children love it very much. Looking for your next creative game.Our customer

Skill Learned

Rapid word-finding100%
Word processing and integration100%
Word association100%
Language comprehension 90%
Hand-eye coordination80%
Visual recognition80%
Social skill90%
Memory 80%

It is very good. 3 to 4 years old children also can play. I want more games.Our customer

5 – 99+ years old
2+ persons
Water-based printing
Adjustable difficulty

King of Thought can be played up to 7 different rules which required different skill to become the king of game.

King of thought play on the table


The funniest language card game.

Special Price From ฿850


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